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Features that make van stock management easier.

Increase processing speed & accuracy

Van Stock Pro uses both Barcodes & QR Codes.

Product & warehouse location identification is achieved by using barcodes or QR codes, which decreases error rates & increase workflow speeds.

Barcodes & QR codes are utilised when processing purchase orders, picking requests, dispatch requests, and booking in stock.

Barcodes and QR codes can be utilised by both vehicles and warehouses.

Manage all your settings and user requirements in one place

Easily update and manage user passwords and settings. Update Vehicle and Warehouse stock management settings in one place.

Stock takes for vehicles and your warehouse can be easily conducted either on an ongoing basis or at specific times throughout the year.

Improve your productivity and get things done.

Advanced system monitoring will be keeping your data safe and secure. Alerts will be sent to you in the event of a stock error.

Van Stock Pro messaging system is built-in, allowing you to remain in contact with your vehicles and field personnel at all times.

Create schedules up to six months in advance

Van Stock Pro monitors and notifies you of any schedules that are missing, and makes it simple to make changes and edit work plans.

Upload Excel schedules in bulk to save time and make edits to individual dates without creating new weekly schedules. All schedule changes are immediately communicated to users.

You will be alerted if the user has available time for other work so you can maximise the amount of completed jobs in a working day.

A deeper analysis of data

Reports and data points are provided by our software to assist in managing your mobile workforce, which includes vehicle safety checks.

You have capacity to download reports in different formats, such as PDF,CSV, TXT, and Excel.

Requesting bespoke reporting is also an option if necessary.

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